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Kanon is the History of Astronomy Python package and tools. Still in early development.

Current Features


  • Define standard positional numeral systems

  • Working arithmetics on those numbers

  • Specify custom precision and algorithms on arithmetical operations and keep a history of it


  • Build or import ancient astronomical tables

  • Perform basic operations on those tables


  • Define new calendar types

  • Convert dates between calendars

How to use

Install the package with pip

pip install kanonpy

For now kanon features are only available through its Python library

import kanon.units as u

a = u.Sexagesimal(1,2,3)
b = u.Sexagesimal(2,1,59)

a + b
# 3,4,2 ;


To start developing on this project you need to install the package in editable mode

git clone git@gitlab.obspm.fr:lgauffier/kanon.git
cd kanon
pip install -e .

The changes you make in the code are reflected on your Python environment


Run tests with tox

# source code tests
tox -e test

# example notebooks tests
tox -e test_notebooks

# mypy
tox -e mypy